Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Shadow of the Wind

This time a book that is unusual for me. I doubted long before taking it up. But here I am totally mesmerized. Let’s see how I felt about ‘The Shadow of the Wind

Short description

Daniel, fascinated by the novel named The Shadow of the Wind and its author, tries to find his other books and discovers the writer’s secret, not even suspecting that the greatest and most dangerous adventure of his life begins, which will also give rise to extraordinary stories, great passions, cursed and tragic loves taking place in a wonderful scenery of gothic and renaissance, art nouveau and post-war Barcelona.

My opinion

When we pass the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a sensitive nose can smell dust and old pages. Books that no one wants except this one chosen person, to which they cry out for them to be seen – and to be adopted. And this starts between the book and the reader, a love for life.

The book titled Shadow of the Wind is not only the adopted child of Daniel Sempere, who, engulfed in dreams of another life and intrigued by the author’s past, rushes through the fog to get to the bottom of the secret surrounding the writer. It is also a book that seems to be written for me, exactly as its counterpart was written for Daniel.

One word. Beautiful.

Usually, I stick to the fantasy genre, but the very first page of the book made the creeps pass over my back. This style … as if I was walking an empty – or almost empty – street in the evening, once, in the 1940s, inhaling the air from the river and dreaming about something undefined. Zafón’s style is pure painting with words. And it’s a pity that I’ve finished reading – I will definitely come back.

Daniel Sempere is an interesting hero. On the one hand, his behavior, sometimes not very prudent, even childish, irritated me, but I kept rubbing my hands on his next adventures and his reflections. A man-paradox, you like him and dislike him at the same time. I’m curious how many readers had the same feeling?

Barcelona itself is an important heroine of this painterly written work. A city ruled by a cruel justice system, barely recovering from the conflagration of war. A city that wants to hope for a better tomorrow – but when will it come?

Carax fascinated me. I would love to know the content of the title Shadow of the Wind. I feel the character of the writer overflow through the cards, deceiving young Sempere, and making him forget the whole word.

I really liked the memories – told by a priest or a nanny, they become part of the mystery and deepen it, instead of explaining it. This makes the blush pop up on the cheeks, and the reader – me! – can’t stop thinking about Carax.

A beautiful novel. For me, it was at the same time a great mystery and became my obsession for the period of reading. I don’t often come across books that painfully and palpably wonderful.

I want more! I will seek for more Zafón soon.

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