Anne Rice: Interview with the Vampire

Today I write an opinion on a book that was a landmark in my reading journey. Why I love the tale of three vampires, that can’t find common tongue but can’t live without each other as well? Let’s see!

Short description

Night falls on the ever-bustling San Francisco. In a room, a journalist decides to take on the exceptionally mysterious chap. Louis, because that’s the name of a man, wants to tell him the story of his life – what to the amazement of a journalist, it turns out that he is being a vampire and a hundred percent real one.

Louis’ story begins in Louisiana, where he is the owner of the plantation. Louis, broken by his brother’s death, does not care about his life anymore and in such a state he is approached by a vampire Lestat, offering him eternal life – along with a dark gift flowing from his veins.

After the transformation, Louis tries to control the new abilities and painfully beautiful way of perceiving the world that characterizes the immortals.

After some time, Lestat forces Louis to transform a 5-year-old girl, Claudia, into a vampire, soon condemning her adult mind to eternity in the child’s body. Three of them live in a lush and colorful New Orleans, where they lead a prosperous life characterized by beauty and inseparable pain.

Soon the growing hatred for Lestat, which the other two feel, leads to a terrible act and they must escape, combining escape with the long-planned goal of finding other vampires. After many terrible and dark adventures, they go to Paris, where, having met the seductive Armand, they have the chance to discover the mystery of their existence. However, don’t they want too much, and the truth will not destroy their lives?

My opinion

Interview with the Vampire is the first and, according to many, the best book from the series. The novelty in the representation of the vampire character and beautiful language made the novel create a kind of worship. It also presents the figure of Lestat, which has to scroll through many novels from the series, constituting the central axis and enchanting with his irresistible charm.

Interview with the Vampire is perfect in many aspects.

This is a story not only about vampires but about discovering yourself, about longing, loneliness, searching… about love and hate.
Under the cover of vampirism, we get a book about humanity and its lack, and everything is written so beautifully.

Vampires in “Interview” are so inhuman and yet human, they are everything that a man would like to be, along with their strength, magnetism, beauty… as well as everything they feared to be, which would put them in depression and eventually destroy them, if they did not give in to a wave of change.

The characters are alive and intriguing, radiating energy: the naughty prince of blood Lestat, the fallen angel Louis, the eternal doll Claudia, and the unknown of Armand… The Vampire Theater is a blissful gathering, reveling in its superiority, but also a coven that attracts us, mortals.

The feelings that accompanied me when I got to know the characters, their deep-seated sorrow and pain were strong and I fell in love again with vampires, which once were huge, skimming through the pages of history, luring victims into the darkness and hidden in mausoleums and abandoned towers, monsters with bleeding hearts, bending over human stupidity and mortality.

If you want to read a book about real vampires, filled with blood that they suck every night, killing in ecstasy, in the rhythm of two beating hearts – Anne Rice and her impossibly beautiful Interview with the Vampire is the best you could reach for.

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